FlexWage Paycards

Landing Pages

Tanya Averill

FlexWage needed a more focused set of landing pages that concentrated on quickly and efficiently recruiting new leads that could also be tracked to our PPC campaign.

I was tasked with gathering content, designing and developing a cross-browser/platform experience that would funnel collected information into our CRM.

FlexWage Paycards Screenshot

I was given little over a week from concept to deployment. I quickly experimented with visual styles in Sketch App 2, iterated with my project manager and brought it into the browser to begin coding within a day.

FlexWage Paycards Screenshot

Colophon was made with love and coffee using Yeoman and Sublime Text 2. The fonts are FS Joey Web, designed by the wonderful folks over at Fontsmith and DIN Text Pro by parachute. They are provided by Fontdeck.

The design is in constant flux. No use of Photoshop with the exception of editing photos (as it should be used). This site is an experiment of rapid prototyping and deployment.