Kate Burn


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Kate is a traveling photographer. She came to me in need of having a mobile-first website so that she could showcase her work on the go with her iPad. She also needed to be able to easily update the content into Sets and browse all her previous photos easily.

She also needed a logo that she could use on all of her photographs as a watermark and that would scale and work alongside her sometimes gritty photography.

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I decided to bring this into WordPress so she could easily manage the content. I created custom content types that allow her to organize her photos via “Sets” and “Tags”.

Kate Burn Image

Colophon was made with love and coffee using Yeoman and Sublime Text 2. The fonts are FS Joey Web, designed by the wonderful folks over at Fontsmith and DIN Text Pro by parachute. They are provided by Fontdeck.

The design is in constant flux. No use of Photoshop with the exception of editing photos (as it should be used). This site is an experiment of rapid prototyping and deployment.