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For the past two years I've had the opportunity to work as the Lead Designer and Front-End Developer for FlexWage Solutions.

FlexWage is a financial services start up that aims to redefine the way short-term loans are accessed in America. As a team, we have developed a product that allows Employees access to their earned wages before payday. We aim to eliminate payday loans which have been been a detriment to the American workforce for the past one hundred years.

As Lead Designer I have been responsible for our public facing website at I lead the effort to redesign the website from a mobile first approach. The site is developed in WordPress and uses the principles of OOCSS and SMACSS as outlined by industry visionaries.

I am also responsible for all graphic assets, card production, and multi-media. Pretty much anything with a picture in it I handle.

As the lead front-end developer I have had experience in every aspect of the software development life-cycle. I have collaborated with developers across the world in developing the mobile applications for both iPhone and Android, and have mentored and led junior team members.

Recently, I spearheaded the effort to white label the application using fancy new methods available with the help of the Rails Asset Pipeline and SCSS.

Colophon was made with love and coffee using Yeoman and Sublime Text 2. The fonts are FS Joey Web, designed by the wonderful folks over at Fontsmith and DIN Text Pro by parachute. They are provided by Fontdeck.

The design is in constant flux. No use of Photoshop with the exception of editing photos (as it should be used). This site is an experiment of rapid prototyping and deployment.